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By Sam Ferguson

Al has back to his domestic in Roegudok corridor after his adventures with Erik and grasp Lepkin accomplished. As any new king may still, Al is speedy to arrange his country and fill vacancies left within the royal courtroom within the aftermath of the numerous battles the dwarves have been pulled into.

Looking for higher knowledge, he turns to his father's library. He quickly stumbles upon a dismal mystery that dwells within the depths of the mountain. Al's look for the Wealth of Kings, might turn out to be his most interesting hour... or it could actually devour all who dwell inside Roegudok corridor and unharness a negative evil that was once misplaced and buried through the time of the Ancients.

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Al smiled and glanced to his crew. “This is it,” he acknowledged. He then became his gaze again to the chamber. He hadn’t visible the mum or dad but. He waited for a number of moments earlier than an incredible, muscular leg stepped out from at the back of one of many average columns. Then the physique seemed. The demon’s alabaster pores and skin used to be virtually painful to examine due to how intensely it mirrored the firelight. the 3 heads weren't in any respect what Al had anticipated. the guts head appeared very like an ogre’s head, a little bit around, yet a section flattened out as though an individual had dropped a boulder on most sensible of the cranium and flattened it a piece. the top at the left resembled a wide, black wolf head. the sharp ears twitched this manner and that because the head caught its snout within the air and sniffed loudly earlier than howling. the top at the correct appeared like a superb eagle’s head. but, the remainder of the physique used to be most certainly humanoid. The naked, super white epidermis rippled with human-like muscular tissues. The demon held a spear in its correct hand and an awl in its left. Al waited until eventually it crossed the width of the chamber and disappeared in the back of one other row of common columns. Then he signaled for his warriors to cost with him. They ran down the final element of the hallway prime into the shrine with the crystal as fast as they can. Al assumed that with the demon’s wolf head, it's going to listen them or odor them coming no matter if they attempted to sneak alongside, so it was once most sensible to cost in and opt for the crystal. regrettably, he had misjudged the demon’s skills. The ten-foot-tall demon seemed out of skinny air in the middle of the dwarves. He drove his spear via one of many warriors and reduce one other down together with his awl. Al and the others became in to assault, yet he vanished and the dwarves stuck basically air. “Spread out! ” Al commanded. “Don’t bunch jointly and provides it effortless pursuits. ” the crowd opened up up to they can within the tunnel and resumed following Al as he made a immediately line for the blue crystal. The demon seemed in the course of the shrine and hurled his spear with nice pace and accuracy. Al controlled to leap apart, however the spear skewered extra hapless warriors and carried their our bodies numerous yards to crash into the some distance wall of the tunnel at the back of them. The spear then reappeared within the demon’s hand and the center head started to snigger. Al narrowed his eyes at the demon and felt a rage boil within him. with no turning round, he commanded his warriors to every opt for the crystal and depart the demon to him. a number of them protested, yet Al wasn’t listening. He ran for the demon. The painfully white creature vanished merely to reappear in the back of Al. The eagle head screeched loudly whereas the ogre head laughed and the wolf head tangled up and growled ferociously. The dwarf king grew to become and ducked because the awl sailed over his head. He then jumped up and twirled to the facet because the spear struck out at him. Al swung together with his hammer, however the demon vanished sooner than the weapon may perhaps attach. The momentum of the assault prompted Al to spin and lose his stability.

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